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Get diagnose and treated for the mental disorders by the highly experienced and skilled psychiatrists.
Chronic/Cyclic Depression
Characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness, depression has become a common illness today.
Bipolar Disorder/Schizophrenia
While split personality disorders can be treated today, they require immediate medical attention!
Child & Adolescent Problems
It is important to detect psychological problems in children as early as possible in all cases.
Violent Behaviour in Kids & Adults
Anger can transform itself into an extreme form of emotion, leading to violent behaviour.
Sound mental health is important for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and in our clinic we work for the same. Our objective is making people happy and healthy through our authentic treatments. We Dr. Manu Arora, situated at Chani Himat, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir have experienced and skilled doctors. All patients are assured of the best service in a very non-stressful ambience and thorough attention is paid to hygiene and sanitation.
5 Signs of depression that you should know
Tips for visiting a Psychiatrist for the first time
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